At 4:28 PM +1200 1999/9/24, Joe Abley wrote:

>   How much mail does the use of the MAPS DUL reject?

        I don't know about the stats from, but from my 
experience it rejects a relatively small amount.

>   How much of that do you think is worth rejecting?

        Again, from my experience, most of it.  Damn few dial-up users 
around the world are clueful enough to be able to run their own mail 
server properly, and to be able to prevent it from being used as an 
open relay.

        IME, the *vast* majority of people with dial-up accounts that 
attempt to directly contact remote servers are in fact junkmailers 
that are attempting to secretly send out their effluent while 
by-passing the mail servers provided by their ISP, so that they 
hopefully don't get detected.

        A classic example of this would be someone using a throwaway AOL 
account to send out as many junkmail messages as they can in several 
hours through a number of open relays, knowing that they will be 
detected and the "free" account will be terminated in a few hours.

        This is becoming pretty standard practice, and is generally recommended.

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