"Daniel C. Sobral" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > 
> > But specifying something too high (-O99) doesn't hurt - I'm using -O6 for
> > gcc 2.95.1 (which, by the way, compiles almost everything in 3.3-RELEASE
> > and 4.0-CURRENT, the only thing still troubling me with it is the kernel).
> The point is that it _does_ hurt. Anything above -O3 is _likely_ to
> have bugs.

That only applies to pgcc, which shouldn't be used as anything other
than an experimental compiler, anyhow.

Whether real future gcc versions will enable new optimizations at
levels > 3 is, to my knowledge, an open question.  I don't like the
thought myself, because -O3 already includes an often undesirable
optimization (automatic inlining).

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