Are you sure everything is ok on your machine? I have done 4-5 make worlds
in the last 48 hours and except for the perl breakage, haven't had any
other problems. Even make release worked here.


> I've been trying for the last 24 hours solid to make a new world.  The
> latest problem is:
> ===> libwrap
>-DSEVERITY=LOG_INFO -DRFC931_TIMEOUT=10  -DHOSTS_DENY=\"/etc/hosts.deny\" 
>-I/usr/obj/src/PANIC/src/tmp/usr/include -c 
>/src/PANIC/src/lib/libwrap/../../contrib/tcp_wrappers/hosts_access.c -o hosts_access.o
> /src/PANIC/src/lib/libwrap/../../contrib/tcp_wrappers/hosts_access.c:245: syntax 
>error before `<'
> /src/PANIC/src/lib/libwrap/../../contrib/tcp_wrappers/hosts_access.c:84: warning: 
>`host_match' declared `static' but never defined
> /src/PANIC/src/lib/libwrap/../../contrib/tcp_wrappers/hosts_access.c:85: warning: 
>`string_match' declared `static' but never defined
> Could we have a break for those people who would like make world to
> complete?
> Greg
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