:Brian Somers wrote in message ID
:> I think it's up to the ISP what default policies they have, and I 
:> also think that this sort of policy is a good default... but only as 
:> long as the ISP allows exceptions.  As a paying subscriber with a 
:> clean record I *must* be allowed to ask for a hole through your 
:> firewall.
:No, actually, there is absolutely nothing which says that you, as a
:subscriber of good standing, *have* to be allowed to connect to
:non-local port 25.  I think it is perfectly reasonable that the ISP
:require that you buy a static IP (with N months initially prepaid) or
:something to get port 25 privs.

    ISP's have begun to do this sort of blocking because dialup spammers 
    abuse their privilages so much that a single spammer can cause an ISP
    to get inundated with complaints, yet the ISP can do little about it
    other then kick the spammer off (which solves nothing, really, considering
    how cheap dialup accounts are). 

    Frankly, I have to agree that no dynamic dialup user should be allowed
    to connect through to port 25 on anything but the ISPs own mail server.


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