> Hi, there.
> > We wrote experimental ACPI driver for 4.0-CURRENT.
> This was just one week work so its functionallity is very very poor :-)
> but I think it is good idea to start with this for developping ACPI
> driver for FreeBSD because it is enough small to understand it.

I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it, although I haven't 
looked at your code yet.  APCI is a big animal, and I think it's going 
to take a proper design to get it right.

The key components would appear to be a full AML parser, an object 
manager to manage the ACPI namespace, and an AML interpreter to run the 
AML methods.

> If someone already started wriring ACPI devive driver, please let us
> know.  We'd like to merge them and would be happy in collaboration
> with you.

Both Doug Rabson and myself have been tinkering with this, and there's 
someone that's been looking at an AML parser/interpreter in the last 
couple of weeks.  At this point in time, the parser and object manager 
are the most vital components.

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