Thanks for replay, but what I am to do? At least, where to start looking?
Card is revognized, so this indeed shouldn't be PnP fault.
Card's 16 bit, but so far the only acceptable sound give esd or mpg123.

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Peter Wemm wrote:

> Vladimir Kushnir wrote:
> > Hello, here's an output for my Yamaha OPL-SA2 card (it used to work
> > perfectly all right as css device & friends  under old Pnp & VoxWare, but
> > now outputs very poor sound through /dev/dsp and no sound at all when
> > playing audio CD, and of course no midi):
> I have one of these cards BTW.  My recollection was that it ran
> beautifully..  I did have a more than my fair share of trouble with the
> sample converters earlier on though..  newpcm will generate 8-bit and 16 bit
> samples on the fly to best fit the sound hardware.  For example, if you have
> an 8-bit card and play 16 bit samples, it'll down convert.  (there was a
> nasty bug there though for a while. :-) )
> I didn't have a cable to connect it to a CD though.
> Poor sound usually isn't a pnp issue though, it's more likely a pcm driver
> problem.
> Cheers,
> -Peter
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