Tom Embt wrote:
> I've been mysteriously unsubscribed from -questions sometime between Oct
> 7th and Oct 10th.  My guess puts it at late morning/early afternoon EDT on
> the 7th.
> It would seem something is up...  good thing somebody mentioned the 'which'
> command (I'd never heard of it), I was wondering why noone was responding
> to an earlier post ;)

Hey - I was unsubscribed from -cvs-all, -advocacy, -emulation, -hackers,
-mobile, -multimedia, -new-bus, -announce and -stable!  In other words,
ALL mailing lists I was subscribed to except -current.

This happened twice!  The first time was a couple of weeks ago - I just
ignored it and resubscribed - but having to do it again is just too
much!  Please do something about it, sort it out!  It really sucks
having to acknowledge every subscribe request and then receive a whole
bunch of confirmation messages.


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