This is Chiharu Shibata, who sent the PR(misc/12992) before.
That PR's patch is to support non-512bytes/sector media for msdosfs.

I have been checking the CVS repository, but the patch is not committed yet.
I was hoping to be committed, before the patch is not available by another
modification of msdosfs.

The MO is very popular media in Japan, and 640MB/1.3GB MO are both
2048bytes/sector media.
So, It is a FAQ that "How can I use DOS/Windows formatted 640MB MO?".
In addition, NEC PC-98 uses non-512bytes/sector media generally.
It is useless for PC-98 without the patch, not too much to say.

I have reports that the patch works well, not only NEC PC-98, but also

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