In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Doug Rabson 
: Due to the nature of the pnp code, it might be probed as ed1 instead of
: ed0.

I have a SBC here that has an onboard PNP ne2000 chip on it.  It comes
up as ed1 because I have ed0 at a wired address.  I don't see ed0 at
all, and it just works, so I just hacked my rc.conf to use ed1 rather
than ed0 like I did when it ran 3.3R.

Now for the obligitory tangent:
Does FreeBSD have the ability to reassign IRQs for PNP devices?  I
have one that is coming up at IRQ 5, but I have a non-PNP device that
is at 5, but many other IRQs free.  There is no way in the BIOS to set
which IRQs are used for PNP and which ones are designated for legacy


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