On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:

> The way certain devices, like cd with its monotonically increasing counter
> where devices are probed in order and assigned device based on precedence
> and not hardwiring/controller connection, work is consistent between
> the kernel and MAKEDEV.  If you have 2 cd devices, you have cd0 and cd1,
> so MAKEDEV accepts "cd2" for "two cd devices".  All CD devices work
> that way.  Disks don't, because there is potential for hard-wiring
> there, and will often be gaps.

Why are "certain" devices wildly different than all other ones?  I've
never encountered that kind of syntax before, and I can't see that it's
documented anywhere at all.  Certainly, MAKEDEV itself (in it's
comments) treats cd* just like all the others, specifying that the number
following is a unit number, and *not* a quantity.  I don't know when this
happened, but it's surely not obvious.  Not one word in the handbook,

In fact, according to cd(4), you *can* specify the unit number:

... Prior to FreeBSD
2.1, the first device found will be attached as cd0 the next, cd1, etc.
Beginning in FreeBSD 2.1 it is possible to specify what cd unit a device
should come on line as; refer to scsi(4) for details on kernel configura-

That makes this odd setup even odder.  Can't understand why this was done.


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