Nick Sayer wrote:
> For what it's worth, I believe the Insperion 3500 is an oddity.
> When I was dealing with OSS, the correct configuration turned out to be
> a "Generic 256AV" located at 0x530, I5, DMA 0&1 -- that is, you treat
> it just like an ordinary Windows Sound System chip (CS4231). The PCI
> interface, I believe, has something to do with the funky control panel gizmo
> you get in Windows that sets tone and chorus effects or some such.
> I haven't looked at the driver in question, but I believe it probably expects
> to use an exclusively PCI interface to the chip. Somehow, I believe the
> Insperion doesn't do this.

Well, this doesn't help me a whole lot with pcm.  I wasn't able to do it
last night, but I'll get a new kernel on the laptop tonight and try to
reproduce it with all-new bits.  I suspect, though, that I'll get what
that other guy got, a hang on the outw instruction.  (I suspect that the
zeroed-out *sc I saw was a remote-debugging glitch.)

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