:>    think of a number of trivial ways to handle the aggregate DESCR file.
:>    Those people who are actively working with the ports hierarchy can 
:>    cvsup the whole blessed thing as they currently do.
:>    The ports maintainers would not have to lift a finger.  The ports
:>    structure is not changing at all except for adding the ability to
:>    create and populate a subdirectory on the fly, something that ought
:>    to be easy to incorporate into /usr/ports/Mk, and adding /usr/src/ports
:>    as a launching pad for standard users to install /usr/ports.
:Sounds better now.  So, when does it debut?  ;)
:Jeff Mountin - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
:Systems/Network Administrator
:FreeBSD - the power to serve
:'86 Yamaha MaxiumX (not FBSD powered)

   I wish I had time to do it, but I don't.  But if pepole are serious
   about reducing the ports footprint this is the only thing that I believe
   will fly.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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