Seeing that -current now supports USB network devices, I got a Linksys
100TX "dongle".  Question is: what kind of speed is reasonable to
expect with this thing?

Some unsophisticated tests show that I get around 3.7 Mbit/sec under
FreeBSD, and about 5.5 Mbit/sec under Windogs98.  This is on a Toshiba
Portegé 3110CT (has a UHCI controller).  The "fxp" device that comes
with the machine can transfer over 8Mbit/sec over the same network (a
fairly idle 10 Mbit segment).

Is this as good as USB networking gets?  Ok, I know that USB won't
handle more than 12 Mbit, but right now it does not even reach one
half that).

At least the USB adapter is more comfortable for laptop use than the
big ugly "docking station" thingie containing the fxp NIC :-)

       Just curious,

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