From: Chan Yiu Wah <>
> I recently found that my pci network card didn't work  for me any more.
> was recognized by the system but I could config it. This didn't  happen
> and I didn't why.  I had tried to config it as ed1 .... in my config file.
> Then it was probed by the system as ed2 ....  When I tried to config it as
> in the config file. It was probed by the system as ed3.  Can anyone tell
> how to solve it.  Thanks.c
If you could show us how you were configuring ed[1,2] in your config file we
would probably be able to help you.

You possibly are using:

device ed1 at isa? port 0x280 net irq 5 iomem 0xd8000 vector edintr

This sets up ed1 for a ed* ISA card.  Thus when the system probe finds your
card, it assigns it as ed2, since PCI devices are automatically assigned to
the next ed* interface.

You should change you config file so that the device line looks as follows:

device    ed1

This will set it up so that the first ed* PCI card found is assigned to the
ed1 interface.


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