:> :julian
:>    I'd like to see this too.  I will soon have two SMP boxes of my own to 
:>    with for my own personal use and for an upcoming project, and at least one
:>    will be available for SMP life-testing purposes for several months.  
:>    I really want to see two things:  (1) Actual sharing of the physical pmap 
:>    between rfork(RFMEM|RFPROC)'d processes, and (2) Avoiding the %cr3 reload
:>    ( which clears the TLB ) when switching between such processes.
:This would also suggest shceduler changes that would increasr the
:likelyhood of 'related' processes being scheduled together.
:One scheme I remember id the A-list/B-list scheme, where
:each scheduling priority has two list that are alternated.
:whichever list is being drained is not eligible for receiving new items.
:They must go to the other list. When the active list is drained and theya
:are switched, the new list is first sorted accoring to affinity
:related effects.

    This can get real tricky.  I think the scheduler will almost do this
    anyway, just due to the way threads tend to go to sleep and get woken
    up, so adding a lot of sophistication here may not help.

                                        Matthew Dillon 

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