On 05-Apr-99 David O'Brien wrote:
>> > Also make sure that you have version 1.2 of
>> > src/gnu/usr.sbin/cc/cc_drv/Makefile.
> You might also need to build libc manually.  Looks like maybe you are
> building parts of the tree manually (to fix the cpp problem), and
> src/gnu/usr.sbin/cc/cc_drv/Makefile changed between your various
> compiles.

[r...@daemon] (2) # pwd
[r...@daemon] (3) # make
rpcgen -C -h -o yp.h /usr/include/rpcsvc/yp.x
2: Internal compiler error in function main
*** Error code 33

Uggh, ok. Let's try egcs first again:

p.o): In function `make_temp_file':
choose-temp.o(.text+0x278): undefined reference to `mkstemps'
*** Error code 1

Nice case of chicken <> egg =)

Will try yer suggestion from the reply to John D. Polstra about adding
mkstemp.c to the SRCS: just to get egcs working again.

Will let ye know how I'd fare...

Thanks for yer patience thus far =)

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