:On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     There is nothing beyond -O2.  Well, there's -O3, which tries to 
:>     inline static functions, but that typically isn't beneficial because
:>     it really bloats up the code and subroutine calls on intel cpus are
:>     very fast.
:The pgcc web page (goof.com/pcg) lead me to believe that there were a few
:more optimizations turned on by -O5 && -O6..
:- alex
    pgcc != egcs.  PGcc is a patchset on top of egcs and I suppose they might
    have added additinoal -O options, but egcs itself does not go beyond -O3.

    The PGcc faq indicates that they are slowly folding their stuff into 
    egcs.  Hopefully they've fixed the bugs :-).   I have not tried compiling
    a kernel under pgcc but now that FreeBSD has moved to EGCS, it may actually

                                        Matthew Dillon 

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