* Kenneth D. Merry
| > | > Has the worm driver been taken out of current?
| > | Yes.  You have to use cdrecord now for SCSI CD burners.
| > cdrecord lacks support for a whole lot of CD-burners...
| Oh really?  The old Worm driver only supported HP/Philips and Plasmon
| drives.  cdrecord supports those drives, and many more.

Sorry, didn't get a chance to test the worm driver. Thought it
supported more.

| What CD burner do you have that cdrecord doesn't support?  Have you talked
| to Joerg Schilling about it?

I've got a Matsushita CW-7501. I'll send him a mail.

Andreas Dobloug : email: andre...@ifi.uio.no

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