> > The first thing is that I guess the <no_dam> should be <no_dma>,
> My understanding is that it stands for "no damage".

OK - I just thought it might have been a typo.

> > Backing out the last change to ide_pci.c seems to fix the problem.
> > I've lots of flags turned on in the kernel config file (0xa0ffa0ff),
> > the old kernel complains a little but works fine, the new kernel
> > spots that it is a SiS 5591, but grinds to a halt.
> Interesting.  What motherboard do you have?  Does it also have a 5595
> on board?

Its quite a cheap and nasty thing, but it works. I'll have a look
when I get home and check.

> One way or another it's a problem with the new chipset support if it
> makes a previously working system no longer work.

> ide_pci0: <SiS 5591 Bus-master IDE Controller> rev 0xd0 int a irq 14 on pci0.0
> chip1: <SiS 85c503> rev 0x01 on pci0.1.0
> chip2: <PCI to PCI bridge (vendor=1039 device=0001)> rev 0x00 on pci0.2.0
> Do you have the other chip reports as well?

I'll have to check again when I get home.

> OK.  Can I assume that you have only one drive on the machine?  Have
> you tried a smaller DMA transfer size (say, to start with,
> 0xa001a001)?

I actually have three drives and a cdrom on the two IDE busses, but it
only seems to complain about the first one - I don't know if that is
because it is the first one it tries to access or becauser the others
work OK. I didn't take down the details of the other drives 'cos it
takes ages to copy the stuff down. I did notice that it programed
wd1 with transfer mode 22. Maybe I should try to take wd0 out of fstab
and see if it works OK with wd1. I'll try it with a lower DMA transfer
size too.



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