On 07-Apr-99 Karl Pielorz wrote:
>> doesn't matter how much i attempt to cvsup and make world in the last 24
>> hours i get this error, this is after i made world while interducing EGCS
>> to FreeBSD, i had to do another make world cuz my C++ compiler couldn't
>> make executables and that produces this situation.
>> ===> cc_int
>> make : dont know how to make insn-attrtab.c. Stop
> Same here... I got the error and decided it was be being out of date on
> all the egcs stuff going around (I've been away recently)... I just did a
> straight 'buildworld'

The problem lies with the function that -j tries to do: spawn multiple
processes per cpu +1. This requires dependancy tuning in the Makefiles IIRC
and wasn't be done yet in order to just focus on getting egcs to work.

I believed Warner or someone else fixed that problem and its either
commited or waiting for inclusion.

In the meantime use no -j flags or try the -j[# of CPU + 1] thing.

On a side note: profiled (-g) kernels with egcs work AFAICT.

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