On 08-Apr-99 Satoshi - the Wraith - Asami wrote:
>  * Weird that CoolEdit is on that list.
>  * 
>  * I built both 3.8.3 and 3.9.0 by hand here using gcc and egcs, both
> work
>  * a-ok after patching up ltconfig to make shared libs.
> Did you click on the links to see what it's complaining about?
> "It worked here" doesn't mean much in this context, as the package
> building is done in a much more strict environment (empty /usr/local,
> PLIST checked (implicitly) by building package, etc.).

Sure it means much, I am the libtool nagging guy *g*

This means that I always verify ltconfig. Now go look at the cooledit logs,
someone forgot to patch ltconfig to create shared libraries. The patch is
straightforward and I believe 3.9.0 has this incorporated and else
maintainer oughtta be nagging the programmers about migrating to libtool
1.2f to at least solve the shared library problem on FreeBSD 4.x.

Probably tons of others in that list... I will look at the log today and
give ye an oversight of the ltconfig problemcases...

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