On Apr10 I rebuilt the XFree86 Port with aout compatibility libraries
running current of Apr04.  Immediately following Netscape Communicator
would dump core with a bus error.

I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but when it dumps core the core
file name is truncated.

ca...@vanessa$ netscape
Bus error
ca...@vanessa$ ll *.core
-rw-------  1 cagey  cagey  - 1425408 Apr 11 23:46

and log output gives

pid 322 (navigator-4.5.bi), uid 1000: exited on signal 10

I installed linux-netscape-4.08 and it opens with bus error or signal 10.

I have rebuilt world early today, built flawlessy, but have not built XFree
as of yet.

Could I expect any difference from a rebuilt XFree?

I could supply requested data from ktrace or gdb though it should be
easy to duplicate the same.

Kevin G. Eliuk
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