: "What was their user name again?"
: *click xterm click*
: ps aux | grep ^user | wc -l
: "Hmm, you're right, fifty processes called 'cpuwaster'."
: rmuser user
: "They've been eliminated, thank you for letting us know of problems you have!"
: It's called "being a sysadmin". If someone's abusing the machine, delete em.

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There are several points which I would like to make in response to
this posting.

1) cpuwaster may be solving a significant problem.  One man's
   cpuwaster is another man's breadandbutter.

2) Adding useful new scheduling policy options to the system allows a good
   sysadmin to be a better sysadmin.  That's a Good Thing.
3) One man's sysadmin is another man's asshole.  (Made you think,
   didn't I?)

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