Just review the thread:

        >. Look, here is a little script, which allows any user
           to perform a DoS attack!

        <. Khmm, yes indeed, but you can remove any user who does

        >. But shouldn't the system be able to sustain/detect this
           sort of attack?

        [... Nice theoretical discussion is skipped. ...]

        <. No, it is your responsibility as a sysop, do not give
           accounts to those you don't trust.

        >. Oh, well, but what about public-shell systems?

        <. Public shell systems are a bad idea!

        >. Just because FreeBSD can not handle it, does not mean the
           task itself is a bad idea...

        <. [Now we are all upset, flames start to light the sky]:

                . FreeBSD handles this here and here!
                . No OS will handle it quite right...
                . You just need to be a better sysop.

        >. Sorry, no offense meant...

Why don't we admit this possibility exists (as well as many others,
perhaps) for a local user to cause a DoS and may be someday someone
will address it?

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