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: Brandon Gooch wrote:
: > Alexander, do you feel that the code is at a stage where meaningful
: > user testing can occur?
: I think yes. I've touched a lot of legacy code, so it would be nice to
: know what I may have broken. For example, i8254 and RTC drivers now more
: dependent on attaching to PnP/ACPI reported hardware. I am not sure if
: there still any legacy system which not doing that. The oldest system I
: have tested was P-III Celeron. Unluckily my small development SSD is too
: "large" for my Pentium board's BIOS. :)

The only issue I'm aware of is that on older systems PnP and ACPI can
sometimes interfere.  But I thought we'd fixed those issues...  I can
test on my older pentium too...


: There is still work planned, but I hope it won't require major changes
: in already written code.
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