"V. T. Mueller, Continum" <v.t.muel...@continum.net> writes:
> If you're alluding to Dougs original email, I will strictly disagree.
> He found a performance issue which noone had seen or brought up before
> and gave feedback to Gabor in a constructive and distinctively polite
> manner.

It would have been far more "constructive and distinctively polite" to
take ten minutes to build and run a profiling version of grep, and
include the results in the OP.

> I would also second, that changing back the default immediately then
> would have been the better choice.

No, it would only have ensured that nobody except Gabor used it.

> In other words: as long as there are unresolved issues, the default
> should be set to GNU grep. This doesn't stop anyone from improving the
> BSD grep we're all waiting for. It only does good to those who rely on
> using grep - expecting correctness and speed.

Based on my 12 years of experience in this project, you are very, very

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