Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
I'd like to give you ZFS v28 for testing. If you are neither brave nor
mad, you can stop here.
The patchset is very experimental. It can eat your cookie and hurt your
teddy bear, so be warned. Don't try it for anything except testing.

Thank you very much - now that there are a couple of major steps feature-wise we're going to give the experimental version a try.

This patchset is also a message we, as the FreeBSD project, would like
to send to our users: Eventhough OpenSolaris is dead, the ZFS file
system is going to stay in FreeBSD. At this point we have quite a few
developers involved in ZFS on FreeBSD as well as serveral companies.
We are also looking forward to work with IllumOS.

Fine. FYI:

Too bad FreeBSD still lacks Infiniband support. Currently we use ZFS on FreeBSD and Infiniband on Linux. If Linux supports both, we will (be forced to) switch.

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