On 9/15/2010 7:25 AM, M. Warner Losh wrote:

Yea.  I agree too.  Just because BIND was EOLd in 6 isn't a great
argument against dhcp server.

That rather clearly was not the only element of my argument, and not only is it disingenuous for you to indicate that it was, I don't appreciate you doing so.

Most of the code is there anyway, and it isn't evolving as fast as BIND.

That is actually a more rational argument, even if I don't agree with it. FWIW, part of the reason that I don't agree with it is that at some point, hopefully in the near future, we will want to include the DHCPv6 client in the mix somewhere; and when we do the code base is not going to be as stable as we have enjoyed so far with the v4 dhclient.

It would be very convenient to have this particular thing in the base,
and we shouldn't be too dogmatic about never having any new 3rd party
things in the base.  After all, we just added more compression
utilities to the base, and nobody said a peep.

I actually thought that change was rather silly, but it was clear that there was so much critical mass in favor of it that there was no point in stating a dissenting opinion. As part of the project's leadership you should be careful not to mistake silence for agreement, or worse, support.

This is analogous: we
have good opportunity to integrate into the system, and users benefit
from that integration.

Given your perspective of wanting more of a complete system in the base I can certainly see how you would be supportive of this change. My intent was to make the argument in a general way that this is the wrong direction to go, and that users would benefit *more* from a robust modularized system. The fact that the v4 DHCPd might accidentally be a good candidate for including in the base today doesn't mean that doing so is the right strategy for the long term.



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