Does anyone use it?

I am trying to boot from a FAT32 formatted USB stick and to minimise the amount 
of stuff I have to put in an MFS I'd like to be able to load the kernel 
directly from the USB stick.

I'm testing in parallels and I have started the loader from a normally 
formatted disk and I have another formatted as FAT32 (with newfs_msdos) and the 
loader sees it but doesn't show any files present, eg

OK lsdev
cd devices:
disk devices:
   disk0:   BIOS drive A:
   disk1:   BIOS drive C:
        disk1s1a: FFS
        disk1s1b: swap
        disk1s1d: FFS
        disk1s1e: FFS
        disk1s1f: FFS
   disk2:    BIOS drive D:
     disk2s1: FAT-32
pxe devices:
OK set currdev=disk2s1:
OK ls

Whereas if I mount it once booted in FreeBSD I can see the files I put on it as 
you would expect.

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