On 01/04/2011, at 5:09, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
> On 03/29/11 20:50, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed that the entry widgets in the bsdinstaller label editor don't 
>> understand various "emacs keys" (eg C-a, C-d, C-e).
>> Here's a patch which adds the basics.. Unfortunately dialog doesn't have a 
>> "key" for delete all, delete left or delete right so I couldn't add C-u, C-w 
>> or C-k.
>> Note that you can't just call dlg_parse_bindkey("* ^a BEGIN") because dialog 
>> modifies the string which crashes (seg fault).
> I'm happy to put this in, but it would be nice if you could try to get this 
> into upstream dialog to avoid inconsistencies in various parts of the 
> installation.

I suspect it would be pretty bikeshed prone :(

Is there a dialog mailing list? My google-fu failed and I can't find one.

I suppose the alternative is to install a global rc file (ie /etc/dialogrc) 
with the following contents..
bindkey * ^a BEGIN
bindkey * ^d DELETE_RIGHT
bindkey * ^e FINAL

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