> Thanks, John.  I was afraid that was the answer. Now, II'm really
> confused.  I'm guessing that the partitions will notl need to be shown
> in fstab (ada0s1a).   What little mind I have left is a blank,
> /dev/ad4s1g will be automatically be detected.  Is that correct?
> What will I do with my second disk /dev/ad0s1a that is already zero?
> I apologize but I have really confused myself.  I've filled my glass
> with too much water and I'm drowning.
> Thanks for everyone's patience.
> ed
> P.S.  If I am not the only idiot, maybe a couple of lines as an
> example could go into UPDATING.

If I have understood ada correct, the "first" disk (lowest current
number) is ada0, the next ada1, and so on. If you have ad0 and ad4,
they will be ad0=ada0, and ad4=ada1 . It doesn't affect anything
_except_ the disk names, so ad4s1f = ada1s1f and so on. You'll have to
change most of your fstab, basically s/ad0/ada0/g and s/ad4/ada1/g .

That said, my one ad to ada transition was on a ZFS-only system, which
took the fstab editing out of it. I might be horribly wrong in some or
all of the above.

Daniel Nebdal
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