On Sunday, July 24, 2011, Ron McDowell <r...@fuzzwad.org> wrote:
> I'll have to agree with the original poster.  I have no problem with the
look and feel of the new installer, but when functionality that WAS there is
now gone, that's a problem.  My two, make that three, biggest gripes are:
> 1) no "back" button/selection/mechanism on each screen.   Rebooting
because I fat-fingered something on the previous screen is, well,

> 2) no "minimal" install.  Most of my installs are single- or few-task
servers where I need a base os and a couple ports.

The nice thing about bsdinstall is that every install is identical. It's
basically just dumping an image file to disk.

> 3) I see no "post-install" uses on the new one.  Sysinstall could be used
on an up-and-running system to do everything from adding a user to changing
a nameserver and more.

Thank goodness. The worst thing about sysinstall was that it tried to be a
Swiss Army knife doing everything, yet not doing any one thing well. It made
a royal mess of rc.conf if you tried to use it to configure a system.
Usually the first time someone mentions they use it for post-install
configuration, the recommendation is to stop doing that!

An os installer should do just that: install the os and nothing else.

Freddie Cash
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