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schrieb Nathan Whitehorn <>:

> It's a change from before, but a normalization with respect to most 
> Linux distributions, since we are now using the same dialog as, e.g., 
> Debian and Ubuntu.
> -Nathan


yes. And I want to thank you (and everyone) for this change in

This was something I immediately liked especially while configuring
ports. It saves many key presses and is perfectly logical and provides
more usability.

I've done a CURRENT installation, too. And it looks like you did a good
job. I've liked what I've seen so far.

I have one request though:

Please provide more recent snapshots for more platforms. It's very
difficult to find an acceptable one. It would be nice when you get some
early feedback from users instead of making a typical dot-zero release
that needs to be fixed and no one will be able to accept.


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