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>> 3) I see no "post-install" uses on the new one.  Sysinstall could be used
> on an up-and-running system to do everything from adding a user to changing
> a nameserver and more.

> Thank goodness. The worst thing about sysinstall was that it tried to be a
> Swiss Army knife doing everything, yet not doing any one thing well. It made
> a royal mess of rc.conf if you tried to use it to configure a system.
> Usually the first time someone mentions they use it for post-install
> configuration, the recommendation is to stop doing that!

> An os installer should do just that: install the os and nothing else.

No. That's wrong. An installer should make a usable system. While using
sysinstall for configuration multiple times made a mess, it is still needed
to make configuration the _first time_ - and it really did, without any mess.
You've got a working keyboard, TTY, network, users/passwords, etc. - before
reboot. This is something which must be intuitive for a new user, even if
it is used only one time in the system's life (at the installation). Cutting
it - is a regression.

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