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> When FreeBSD 9.0_BETA1 was announced, the announcement included a notice that 
> shared library version would be updated some time prior to BETA2, which would 
> necessitate rebuilding all ports.
> Has this happened yet?  I don't want to rebuild all ports at the wrong time.  
> I notice BETA2 has been released but see no announcement.
> Readme, hardware notes and release notes say nothing specific to the BETA2 
> release/snapshot.
> If the shared libraries version bump has not yet occurred, I would want to 
> update in place, if the installer can do that; otherwise I would install 
> BETA2 to a different partition, keeping the old /home and swap.  That way, I 
> would still have BETA1 to fall back on for the built ports, before I would 
> finish rebuilding the ports on BETA2.
> This is on a new computer, with Western Digital Caviar Green 3 TB hard drive, 
> using GPT, so for now I have plenty of space.
> I already downloaded and dd'ed the amd64 memstick image for amd64, and have 
> looked at the data thereon.

The bump was done for BETA2, see r225227, done on 2011-08-28.
The bump has much less scope since we did the ABI analysis and
only bumped the libraries which interfaces changed in incompatible
way and which were not yet bumped. See the referenced commit for
the libraries list.

To be absolutely safe, you indeed need to rebuild all ports. Practically,
the damage done by bump is very limited and most people can get away
without rebuild if you already tracked HEAD.

I would mostly worry about libpcap.

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