On 2011-Sep-27 21:53:43 +0200, Dag-Erling Smørgrav <d...@des.no> wrote:
>  I have therefore flipped the switch and made
>passive FTP the default.  Those who still want active FTP (what on earth
>for?) can set FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=NO in their environment.

I thought I needed it for the $work firewall but some more careful
checking shows that it's just EPSV that gives it indigestion.

>  This overrides
>both the default setting and fetch(1)'s -p command-line option.

I'm less happy with this - my gut feeling in that command-line options
should override evnironment variables.  I configure my environment to
suit my general requirements and I override this on a command-by-
command basis via command line options if I need to.  Are there other
commands where the environment overrides the command line?

Peter Jeremy

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