On Tue, Oct 04, 2011 at 02:38:06PM -0700, matt wrote:
> > > Friend had idea of trying to resume under X with external
> > > VGA display...both remained off, however I am using the Intel GPU
> > > experimental drivers (To make a note, resume is broken without them
> > > as well).
> > Suspend/resume is not implemented in the KMS driver (yet).
> > 
> On x220 problem is deeper than KMS, since it exists without
> KMS patches applied. Thank you for graphics support! Even compiz works,
> although second output stuff is "overlapped" when extending on this
No idea what do you mean.

> one...also lots of "update_fbc", but this is probably known.
Write 0 into sysctl hw.dri.debug to get rid of KMS debugging output.

> There are so far about 4 patches required agains HEAD for this machine
> to be usable...KMS, acpi-ibm patches, iwn patches, and "currently"
> newvers.sh.
> I have done testing with all these rolled back, problem is still
> there...I think it could be UEFI/ACPI related? vbetool, dpms.ko,
> acpi_video, none can talk to the monitor. Does anyone know if
> "system/6636" was fixed for OpenBSD? 
>  Matt

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