we have a "Qlogic ISP 2532 PCI FC-AL Adapter" here, on 9.0-RC1, which
seems to work fine with isp(4).

But: We had some trouble finding the WWNs -- per man page, there should
be sysctl entries like dev.isp.N.{wwnn,wwpn}, but they ain't here. dmesg
didn't show them either.

Booting verbose does print them.

Is the man page outdated, or a strange behaviour because this chip
isn't explicitly supported?

This question would be better answered on freebsd-scsi.

It's a bug, and it's easy to fix, but because of the impending 9.0 release I haven't done it. There's an ioctl you can use to do the same thing and some tools in that can solve what you need.
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