On 30/10/2011, at 24:40, David Marec wrote:
> But, now running FreeBSD 9, I get new usb/devd behavior issues.
> First, the ulpt module is always loaded. Is there any elegant way to get rid 
> of this 'self loading' behavior, except to remove it from /boot/modules ?
> Anyway, it sounds like HPLIP is now working with the ulpt module loaded.

I'm not sure what would load it automatically - it may be built into the kernel 
though. Anyway, as you say it should work with ulpt loaded anyway.

> But, devd never sets the suitable rights on ugen.
> Moreover, switching to the  'action' that only logs something, reveals that 
> devd never executes this entry.
> So, what's should be the news group&user's rights required by HPLIP/cups on 
> FreeBSD 9 ?
> And, how to handle them with devd ?

I have a similar problem..

Looking at /etc/devd/uath.conf I see..
notify 100 {
        match "system"          "USB";
        match "subsystem"       "DEVICE";
        match "type"            "ATTACH";
        match "vendor"          "0x168c";
        match "product"         "0x0002";
        action "/usr/sbin/uathload -d /dev/$cdev";

Also, I have devd entries for NUT (UPS software) which look like so..
attach 100 {
        match "vendor"          "0x0463";
        match "product"         "0xffff";
        action "chown :uucp /dev/$device-name; chmod 660 /dev/$device-name";

However this doesn't seem to work anymore, it certainly used to.. :(

I tried adding the system, subsystem & type parts and changing device-name to 
cdev but no luck..

I ran devd -Dd and checked the output but while it says it parses nut.conf it 
doesn't seem to match the entries.

devd output looks like so..

Processing event '!system=USB subsystem=DEVICE type=ATTACH ugen=ugen1.3 
cdev=ugen1.3 vendor=0x046
3 product=0xffff devclass=0x00 devsubclass=0x00 sernum="000000000" 
release=0x4241 mode=host port=
3 parent=ugen1.1'
Pushing table
setting system=USB
setting subsystem=DEVICE
setting type=ATTACH
setting ugen=ugen1.3
setting cdev=ugen1.3
setting vendor=0x0463
setting product=0xffff
setting devclass=0x00
setting devsubclass=0x00
setting sernum=000000000
setting release=0x4241
setting mode=host
setting port=3
setting parent=ugen1.1
Processing notify event

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