Robert Watson wrote:
> Sounds good to me, as long as it runs :-).
> BTW, ran into another nit from the 02/13 snapshot.  I installed the
> X-kern-developer distribution, discovered X11 didn't work, so went back
> into sysinstall to install X11 stuff.  I selected some combination of X11
> components, and chose as the source -- sysinstall
> coredumped.  A second attempt at the same resulted in sysinstall hanging.
> This seems to be reproduceable -- what can I do to give you better
> debugging information?

cd /usr/src/release/sysinstall
CC="gcc -g" make all
[list the exacts steps you took, so I can reproduce it too, or find that
I can't :)]
(core dump)
gdb ./sysinstall sysinstall.core

Usual procedure here (backtrace, etc). The problem will most likely be
the member of a structure pointed by a NULL pointer being reference. Eg,
mediaDevice->shutdown(...), i->kids.

It would help further if you then break-pointed the function where the
problem happened, and stepped through it to pinpoint when the variable
turned to NULL (eg, mediaDevice->get(mediaDevice, ...)).

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