Alexander Leidinger schreef:

while the discussion continued here, some work started at some other place. 
Now... in case someone here is willing to help instead of talking, feel free to 
go to and have a look what can be 
improved. The page is far from perfect and needs some additional people which 
are willing to improve it.

This is only part of the problem. A tuning page in the wiki - which could be 
referenced from the benchmark page - would be great too. Any volunteers? A 
first step would be to take he tuning-man-page and wikify it. Other tuning 
sources are welcome too.

Every FreeBSD dev with a wiki account can hand out write access to the wiki. 
The benchmark page gives contributor-access. If someone wants write access 
create a FirstnameLastname account and ask here for contributor-access.

Don't worry if you think your english is not good enough, even some one-word 
notes can help (and _my_ english got already corrected by other people on the 
benchmark page).


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Nice page, but one thing i do not get is the following.

If you compare FreeBSD / GCC 4.2.1 against, for example, Ubuntu / GCC 4.7 then the results are unlikely to tell you anything meaningful about FreeBSD vs Ubuntu.

That is a little strange in my opinion.
It tells me that FreeBSD falls more and more behind on Linux.
The reason is or could be that FreeBSD cannot or will not include GCC 4.7 and that FreeBSD will not be on par with Linux anymore.
To compare it with Formula1 cars.
If Mercedes decide to use the engine from 2 seasons back (the engine version 4.2.1) in there 2012 car, and Ferrari uses there new Engine (version 4.7). Can we not compare them anymore because of the decission from Mercedes to use the old engine?
No we just say, if you want to win a race, get the Ferrari.

It is the reallity, FreeBSD uses 4.2.1 as there compiler!!!
If you tune up FreeBSD to use the GCC 4.7 compiler, or downgrade linux to 4.2.1, then that will tell me nothing about FreeBSD vs Linux.

I my opinion, you benchmark the latest release of Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and whatever OS you want to compare! You want to benchmark the release and not a tuned version against a standard version.
And that in general are the versions most of us users will use.

And what if in the future LLVM gets on par with Linux, is it stil fair to compare FreeBSD with Linux? Or do we say, well we are on par, but it is not fair, yes we used the latest releases, but you can not blame Linux because they are still using GCC. No what we will see then are haleluja blogs that FreeBSD is on par with Linux.

For me peformance is not a show stopper, and for the most of us i think it is not. FreeBSD for me is a clean system that does the job perfect and has a very helpful community.

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