On Fri Dec 23 11, Daniel Kalchev wrote:
> On 23.12.11 08:47, Martin Sugioarto wrote:
> >A further thing is that I cannot understand the people here sometimes. 
> >I would like that the -RELEASE versions of FreeBSD perform well 
> >without any further optimizations.
> The -RELEASE things is just a freeze (or, let's say tested freeze) of 
> the corresponding branch at some time. It is the code available and 
> tested at that time.
> Thus, it is safe to say that FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE is much worse than 
> FreeBSD RELENG_8 (still 8.2 at the moment), because years have passed 
> between both code bases, lots of bugs have been discovered and fixed and 
> new technologies have been integrated. Especially in this line, the 
> compiler has changed from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2.
> >When the distribution does not compile with the latest compiler it's 
> >simply a bug.
> FreeBSD is not a distribution. It also compiles with the latest compiler 
> - LLVM. :)
> I find it amusing, that people want everything compiled with GCC 4.7, 
> which is still very much developing, therefore highly unstable and 
> (probably) full of bugs.
> >Why should one try to penalize the other distribution and downgrade 
> >their binaries?
> Many suggested that the Linux binaries be run via the FreeBSD Linux 
> emulation. Unchanged.
> There is one problem here though, the emulation is still 32 bit.

plus the current emulation layer is far from complete. a lot of stuff hasn't
been implemented yet (meaning it's missing or implemented as dummy code).

try running recent firefox linux binaries on freebsd. they will all crash
almost instantly.


> >When FreeBSD has a bad default setup, there must be a reason for that. 
> >Tell me this reason and show me that it's justified in form of some 
> >other benchmark.
> FreeBSD has safe default. It is supposed to work out of the box on 
> whatever hardware you put it. As much as it has drives for that 
> hardware, of course.
> Once you have working installation, you may tweak it all the way you wish.
> If your installation is pre-optimized, chances are it will crash all the 
> time on you and there will be no easy way for you to fix, short of 
> installing another "distribution".
> Daniel
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