O. Hartmann writes:

>  >> Among all the default problems with ports, libreoffice[1] adds to the
>  >> group of annoyances[2] at the moment. I don't know when I have seen
>  >> "portmaster -ad" run through successfully last time. I need more and
>  >> more "-x" options to exclude ports which fail to build.
>  >>
>  >> [1] german/libreoffice and libreoffice fails all the time in
>  >> (LOCALIZED_LANG is set to "de"):

        There is a known problem with libreoffice and boost,
specifically a conflict between the boost port and the internal
version.  There is a work-around; however, at the moment the
libreoffice maintainer does not have the time to rectify matters.
        See the recent/ongoing thread in either ports@ or office@ for
more information.

                                Robert Huff

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