On 08/02/2012 10:40, Warner Losh wrote:
> One thing to remember about the IETF.  There's many vendors that devote 
> significant resources to the IETF.  While I was at Cisco, for example, I know 
> that we provided audio and video bridges to IEFT meetings to facilitate 
> remote attendance at the meetings.  Cisco dedicated several engineers to 
> ensure that the audio and video quality remained good during the meetings and 
> were able to use facilities cisco normally used for things like WebEx and 
> MeetingPlace.  With a global presence and infrastructure, they were able to 
> pull it off.  I'm not aware of similar resources within the project.

I'm not suggesting we need anything at the full WebEx
audio/video/presentation/chat level. And apparently the Foundation has
money to spend on dev summits. As I suggested in a previous message,
this would be a good long-term investment that would benefit a lot of
people, especially in comparison to the money set aside for travel
grants which is now going begging.



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