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> Simple, really.
> Let's take RPM for example. The RPM package format has been ported to other 
> platforms.

So does pkgng ported on Linux, OS X, dragonfly, NetBSD...
> But, I can't take archivers/rpm4 and build on RPM on FreeBSD and install it 
> on RedHat.

Yes you can, I do it at work all the time, on FreeBSD I do create AIX rpms and
RedHat rpms.
> This is because the RPM format records the platform that you "build" your RPM 
> on (not the binaries, just the RPM) *into* said RPM.

So does pkgng.

> This actually adds a requirement to the RPM production that the RPMs be 
> produced on the platform that they will be installed-to.

> Currently, no such restriction exists for the building of FreeBSD packages 
> (within our system). This would have been true if we had ported pkg_create 
> (and may continue to be true if we ported pkg and its ilk), but let's say for 
> the sake of argument that the future of "pkg" looks bright and it gets ported 
> to all sorts of systems (ported in a fashion similar to RPM) *and* we find 
> one day that the +MANIFEST starts containing a target-platform (resulting in 
> refusal to install a *.txz package because it was rolled on a different 
> platform.

Thank for describing the exact situation pkg is right now.

> In that case, we'd then prefer to by-pass the tools and use our own method of 
> creating the tar-ball to lift such a restriction.

The restriction you are speaking about does not exists.
> ASIDE: If I knew how to force rpmbuild into creating androgynous packages for 
> other architectures, I'd be doing that to life the restriction there too, but 
> I haven't figured out that.
> Basically... within our "pkgbase" tree, we like the branch within the tree to 
> dictate how a package is built... not what platform you're on. The goal being 
> that we can run a single package-build host that builds all of our packages 
> from a single platform.

You can do it with pkgng just easily, as well as you can do it with rpm.


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