On 17 July 2013 04:26, Andriy Gapon <a...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> on 16/07/2013 22:40 Adrian Chadd said the following:
>> :(  So it's a deadlock. Ok, so what's next?
> A creative process...

Wonderful. :)

> One possibility is to add getnewvnode_reserve() calls before the ZFS 
> transaction
> beginnings in the places where a new vnode/znode may have to be allocated 
> within
> a transaction.
> This looks like a quick and cheap solution but it makes the code somewhat 
> messier.
> Another possibility is to change something in VFS machinery, so that 
> getting blocked for one filesystem does not prevent vnode allocation for other
> filesystems.
> I could think of other possible solutions via infrastructural changes in VFS 
> or
> ZFS...

Well, what do others think? This seems like a showstopper for systems
with lots and lots of ZFS filesystems doing lots and lots of activity.

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