On 10/8/13 10:41 AM, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
Hi Alfred & cc current.

Alfred Perlstein wrote:
On 10/6/13 8:21 AM, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
I wrote Thu, 03 Oct 2013 23:28:43 +0200
Rui Paulo wrote:
On 2 Oct 2013, at 16:57, Julian H. Stacey <j...@berklix.com> wrote:

Hi current@,
It seems I need if_urtwn driver for a really miniature WLAN USB stick,
& if_urtwn is only in current ?
man 4 if_urtwn refers to ports/net/urtwn-firmware-kmod which is missing ?
This driver was never merged to FreeBSD 9.
OK, Thanks for confirmation.

Can you use FreeBSD 10 instead?
Yes, easier than building from 9.X I guess (& helps test alpha :-).
I'll fetch from local mirror, per

The port reference in the man page is wrong. The firmware is now shipped as 
part of the base system.
Oh nice, easier :-)
I'm happy to report with 10.0-ALPHA4 /boot/loader.conf if_urtwn_load="YES"
`ifconfig wlan0 scan` works OK. Thanks :-)


I have a g4 tibook 12in with an if_bwn that doesn't really work at all.

I got one of these (if_urtwn) and it works enough to download about a
meg or so before the watchdog kicks in and I have to ifconfig down/up it
to get it to respond again.

I even have a patch pending to add the usb identifier for this.

Is there someone I can provide debug information for to help resolve this?
I too am seeing
        urtwn0: timeout waiting for checksum report
sometimes I can scan & sometimes not,
(whereas with a run0: stick I have no problem)
I've not got as far as trying to move data.
I'd appreciate any patches you have Alfred
Unfortunately all my time right now is being spent syncing changes to FreeNAS from our commercial product TrueNAS to improve both products. I tried to look at the code but my eyes quickly went cross and I had to get back to build stuff.


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