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        OK, but please, can we replace RCS with Fossil in 11 then?
        That adds a real
        improvement to FreeBSD while giving people plenty of time to

    can fossil read rcs files? and how big is it compared to RCS?

It seems there's some thought on importing CVS repos but according to 'fossil help import', only the git fast-export format is supported. In practice this means you'd loose history, yes. But it's not hard to keep the old RCS files somewhere else in case that history is needed.


I just built devel/fossil and it yields a single binary, /usr/local/bin/fossil which clocks in at 1.8M. Given all the functionality it provides (plus it is in a similar class as git, see http://www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/doc/tip/www/fossil-v-git.wiki), I think that's a steal.

It was started by the author of SQlite. If we require some kind of version control system in the base that's powerful, well-maintained and BSD-licensed, this really seems like a no-brainer.

well since people expect RCS.. it is not a no brainer.
you are asking people to learn a whole new tool for functionality that is currently very simple..
edit file
ci -l file
    add comment.

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