I have setup a RAIDZ pool comprised from 4 3TB HDDs. To maintain 4k
block alignment, I followed the instructions given on several sites and
I'll sketch them here for the protocol.

The operating system is 11.0-CURRENT AND 10.0-BETA2.

create a GPT partition on each drive and add one whole-covering
partition with the option

gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -b 1M -l disk0[0-3] ada[3-6]

gnop create -S4096 gtp/disk[3-6]

Because I added a disk to an existing RAIDZ, I exported the former
ZFS pool, then I deleted on each disk the partition and then destroyed
the GPT scheme. The former pool had a ZIL and CACHE residing on the
same SSD, partioned. I didn't kill or destroy the partitions on that
SSD. To align 4k blocks, I also created on the existing gpt/log00 and
gpt/cache00 via 

gnop create -S4096 gpt/log00|gpt/cache00

the NOP overlays.

After I created a new pool via zpool create POOL gpt/disk0[0-3].nop
log gpt/log00.nop cache gpt/cache00.nop

I "received" a snapshot taken and sent to another storage array, after
I the newly created pool didn't show up any signs of illness or

After ~10 hours of receiving the backup, I exported that pool amongst
the backup pool, destroyed the appropriate .nop device entries via 

gnop destroy gpt/disk0[0-3]

and the same for cache and log and tried to check via 

zpool import

whether my pool (as well as the backup pool) shows up. And here the
nasty mess starts!

The "zpool import" command issued on console is now stuck for hours and
can not be interrupted via Ctrl-C! No pool shows up! Hitting Ctrl-T
shows a state like

... cmd: zpool 4317 [zio->io_cv]: 7345.34r 0.00 [...]

Looking with 

systat -vm 1

at the trhoughput of the CAM devices I realise that two of the four
RAIDZ-comprising drives show activities, having 7000 - 8000 tps and ~
30 MB/s bandwidth - the other two zero!

And the pool is still inactive, the console is stuck.

Well, this made my day! At this point, I try to understand what's going
wrong and try to recall what I did the last time different when the
same procedure on three disks on the same hardware worked for me.

Now after 10 hours copy orgy and the need for the working array I start
believing that using ZFS is still peppered with too many
development-like flaws rendering it risky on FreeBSD. Colleagues
working on SOLARIS on ZFS I consulted never saw those stuck-behaviour
like I realise this moment.

I don not want to repeat the procedure again. There must be a
possibility to import the pool - even the backup pool, which is
working, untouched by the work, should be able to import - but it
doesn't. If I address that pool, while this crap "zpool import" command
is still blocking the console, not willing to die even with "killall -9
zpool", I can not import the backup pool via "zpool import BACKUP00".
The console gets stuck immediately and for the eternity without any
notice. Htting Ctrl-T says something like 

load: 3.59  cmd: zpool 46199 [spa_namespace_lock] 839.18r 0.00u 0.00s
0% 3036k

which means I can not even import the backup facility and this means
really no fun.

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