On 2 November 2013 05:28, Matthew Seaman <matt...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> I feel no obligation to do anything to encourage people that
> deliberately break the DNS.  They've made their bed, and now they have
> to lie in it.

Holy, holy crap.

* We (as FreeBSD) are not big enough to dictate the direction that
technology takes. In this instance, the direction that DNS SRV
adoption should be;
* This design is inherently not cachable, and as you add more CDN
nodes, it will become less cachable;
* And as far as I know, you haven't approached any cache vendors (eg
Squid) which may have the infrastructure to _handle_ this (which
Squid-2.x does, and I think Squid-3.x should be growing soon if it
hasn't already.)

You've removed the possibility of _standards_ and _well accepted_ HTTP
caching techniques without also deploying technology extensions in
popular open source projects to cope. You're using a DNS feature which
isn't well adopted/supported and you haven't provided a fallback
legacy, well tested path.

In short, you've taken the least supported paths, glued it into the
least HTTP caching scalable paths and not created a suitable fallback.

I hate to say it, but pushing the CDN logic into pkgng is a cute but
stupid idea for this deployment.

Please reconsider this choice before it becomes more widely deployed
and you/others have "moved onto other things", leaving it to others to
clean up.

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